How to Kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

How to Kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

How to Kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is the main boss of Minecraft. Accordingly, the mob is extremely aggressive and powerful, which is why gamers may have problems killing it. In this guide, we’ll figure out how to prepare for battle and defeat the dragon.

What it looks like and where it lives

The Ender Dragon is the largest mob in Minecraft. Thanks to his glowing eyes, he can be seen from anywhere on the island. As you can easily guess from the name, the Dragon lives in the Land. The monster will spawn even on easy difficulty, but in this case, it will not cause damage to the player. This characteristic makes it a unique and formidable presence in the game, embodying the challenge and adventure central to the Minecraft experience.

Combat tactics

What to take with you

  • Sword – you will use it to hit the boss while he is sitting on a disabled portal;
  • Bow – for attacks from a distance. It is advisable to enchant the bow to “Infinity” so that there are no problems with a lack of arrows;
  • Armor – an iron or diamond set will do. For increased protection against oncoming attacks, you need to enchant the armor;
  • The helmet, cuirass, and leggings should be enchanted for “Protection.” Boots – for “Zero Gravity” or “Protection from Explosions.”

The following items will also be very useful in battle:

  • x2 stack of building blocks;
  • x8 golden apple;
  • x1 stack of food;
  • x16 Ender pearls;
  • x16 flask;

Destroying Crystals

Before you beat the Dragon himself, you need to destroy the crystals that heal him. This can be done using both arrows and projectiles. There is a more difficult option – climb to the topmost tower and destroy the crystal with a melee weapon. After this, you will be able to move between towers using the Ender Pearl.

How to Find the Ender Dragon

To locate the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, your first step is to discover a Stronghold, hidden underground in the overworld. To find it, use the Eye of Ender. When activated, the Eye flies towards the sky, pointing in the direction of the nearest Stronghold. 

Follow the Eye, and as it starts descending, you know you’re close. Begin digging at that spot. Keep in mind that the Eye of Ender can break after multiple uses, so carry several. Strongholds are vast, labyrinthine structures made of stone. Look for Stone Bricks once you start digging, as they indicate you’re in the Stronghold. Your goal inside is to find the room containing the End Portal.

Navigating a Stronghold can be tricky due to its maze-like nature. To avoid getting lost, block off explored paths or mark them with torches.

Upon finding the End Portal room, you need to activate the portal. This requires placing 12 Eyes of Ender in the portal frame, though some slots might already be filled. Once the portal is activated, jump through it to enter The End, where the Ender Dragon awaits.

How do you defeat the Ender Dragon?

  • While the Dragon is flying somewhere in the distance, we shoot at it with a bow;
  • As soon as the boss heads towards the hero, you should shoot only after he lands;
  • If the Dragon is hovering over the portal, then you need to attack it with a sword, being careful of the Edge Acid;
  • The dragon cannot destroy obsidian pillars. Use them as cover.

Dragon egg

After defeating the boss, you will receive a Dragon Egg. In fact, it is the rarest artifact existing in a single copy. At the same time, the block has no practical value, so it can be used exclusively as a decorative element.

But the situation was corrected by modders who found a use for the egg. For example, one of the modifications allows you to grow your own dragon from an egg and use it as a mount.

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The Dragon Reborn

If, for some reason, you want to fight the boss again, then this can be arranged. You will need 4 End crystals, which must be placed at the portal as shown in the screenshot.


Defeating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft is a thrilling and rewarding challenge that marks the pinnacle of your Minecraft adventure. The journey requires preparation, from gathering resources and crafting Eyes of Ender to navigating the enigmatic Strongholds and activating the End Portal. Each step brings you closer to the ultimate showdown in The End.

Remember, patience, strategy, and a keen understanding of the dragon’s behaviors are your greatest allies in this epic battle. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, conquering the Ender Dragon is an achievement that epitomizes skill, bravery, and the spirit of exploration that lies at the heart of Minecraft. Embrace the challenge, and may your adventure in the blocky realms lead to triumphant victory!

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