Best Minecraft servers for 1.20 (2024)

Best Minecraft servers for 1.20 (2024)

Best Minecraft servers for 1.20 (2024)

As Minecraft continues to evolve, its servers remain pivotal hubs where creativity, strategy, and community converge. With the advent of the 1.20 update, players are eagerly exploring fresh landscapes, and in 2024, the quest to find the “Best Minecraft Servers” has become more exhilarating than ever. These servers are not just digital spaces but vibrant ecosystems teeming with unique mini-games, survival challenges, PvP arenas, and more, catering to both seasoned veterans and enthusiastic newcomers.

Whether you’re drawn to the anarchic worlds of survival servers, the competitive arenas of PvP, or the collaborative spirit of mini-game platforms, the latest Minecraft 1.20 servers offer a tapestry of experiences. In this guide, we’ll navigate the vast expanse of Minecraft servers, spotlighting those that have captured the imagination and loyalty of players worldwide. From the intricacies of survival challenges in servers like ManaCube to the inventive mini-games of Hypixel, we’re here to help you pinpoint your next digital adventure in the realm of “Best Minecraft 1.20 Servers” and “Best Minecraft Survival Servers.”

Best Minecraft Survival Servers list for 1.20

In Minecraft, survival servers offer some of the most thrilling and immersive experiences, and with the 1.20 update, these servers have become even more captivating. Let’s delve into two of the best Minecraft survival servers that have captured players’ attention in 2024.


ManaCube stands out as a beacon for Minecraft enthusiasts, offering a rich tapestry of gameplay that extends far beyond the ordinary. Since its inception in 2013, ManaCube has cultivated a dedicated following, and its survival mode is particularly renowned. Players encounter custom monsters in this mode, engage in epic boss battles, and undertake daily challenges and quests that add depth and excitement to the gameplay.

What sets ManaCube apart is its array of unique features such as Cubits (the in-game currency), Mana (a server-leveling system), Guilds, Season Vaults (for permanent item storage), and specially designed Resource Packs that enhance textures and introduce modded content. The server’s commitment to community and safety ensures a welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both adventure and camaraderie in their Minecraft journey.


Applecraft offers a different flavor of survival, focusing on a semi-vanilla experience that hones in on the core of Minecraft’s gameplay while adding quality-of-life improvements. This approach allows players to dive into a world where survival is key without overwhelming them with excessive features.

The economic system in Applecraft is ingeniously tied to the core activity of mining, with ores serving as currency. This integrates seamlessly with the gameplay, encouraging exploration and resource gathering. Players can also claim and mark land to safeguard their creations and resources, with a strict no-griefing policy ensuring their efforts are protected.

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

The allure of Minecraft prison servers lies in their unique blend of challenge, strategy, and community engagement. As we navigate through the best Minecraft servers for 1.20, two prison servers stand out for their exceptional gameplay and immersive experiences: Purple Prison and AkumaMC.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison has become a cornerstone in the Minecraft prison server community, boasting over 3 million unique players since its inception. Renowned for its robust and dynamic gameplay, this server offers an exhilarating prison experience where players mine resources, engage in PvP events, and strategize their way to the top.

Daily custom PvP events, rankup rewards, and frequent updates keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, ensuring that players always have something new to explore. Prestige ranks add a layer of depth, offering long-term goals and rewards that keep players invested. The community of Purple Prison is vibrant and active, creating an inclusive environment where new and experienced players alike can thrive.


AkumaMC shines by focusing intensely on delivering a refined prison experience. Here, players start with a free rank and are immediately thrust into a world where strategy, customization, and fast-paced server activities reign supreme. The server’s emphasis on jailbreak mechanics offers a thrilling challenge, encouraging players to think creatively and cooperate with others to advance.

The customization options in AkumaMC are vast, allowing players to tailor their experiences with enchants, gear, and strategic choices. The server is also known for its dynamic action and community engagement, with regular events and updates keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. AkumaMC’s welcoming community ensures that new players find their footing and experienced players can continually find new challenges and friends.

Minecraft Mini-Games Servers

Mini-games servers are the playgrounds of Minecraft, offering an array of fast-paced and engaging games that cater to all types of players. In 2024, the Minecraft 1.20 update has seen these servers gain even more popularity. Netherite, Hypixel, and Complex Gaming stand out as the top destinations for those seeking variety and excitement in their Minecraft experience.


Hypixel is often heralded as the gold standard for Minecraft mini-game servers, boasting an extensive and diverse collection of game modes that attract millions of players. From Bed Wars and Sky Wars to unique offerings like Murder Mystery and Arcade Games, Hypixel provides an unparalleled gaming experience. Its UHC Champions and Arena Brawl modes offer intense survival and combat challenges, while Build Battle and Blitz Survival Games tap into creative and strategic gameplay. The server’s consistent updates and community-driven content keep it fresh and engaging, solidifying its status as a must-visit destination for Minecraft mini-games fans.


Netherite is a multifaceted server that provides diverse game modes, ensuring that every player finds something to suit their taste. Whether you’re into building impenetrable fortresses in factions, surviving on scarce resources in skyblock, or engaging in strategic combat in PvP, Netherite has it all. Its Towny mode promotes cooperative gameplay, encouraging players to build and thrive together, while the Survival, Lifesteal, and PvP modes cater to those seeking more traditional or competitive Minecraft experiences. Netherite’s dedication to variety and quality has made it a favorite among players looking for comprehensive mini-game action.

Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming distinguishes itself with a specialized focus on the Pixelmon game mode, blending the world of Minecraft with the charm of Pokémon. This unique synthesis offers a compelling experience where players can catch, train, and battle over 850 Pokémon species. For those seeking variety, Complex Gaming also delivers with its survival, PvP, Factions, Prison, and creative modes. Its integration of popular Minecraft modpacks like Feed the Beast, Vanilla, and Tekkit adds layers of depth to the gameplay, providing endless exploration and discovery opportunities.

Best Oneblock Minecraft Servers

Oneblock Minecraft servers offer a unique twist on the classic survival experience, challenging players to build and thrive starting from a single block. In 2024, amidst the vast landscape of Minecraft servers for 1.20, KiwiSMP and Skyblock have emerged as premier destinations for players seeking the best Oneblock experiences.


KiwiSMP has carved out a niche for itself in the Minecraft server community with its engaging Oneblock mode, which is complemented by additional game modes like EarthSMP and Lifesteal. However, the Oneblock experience truly shines, presenting players with a minimalist survival challenge that unfolds into an expansive, resource-rich world. The server integrates quality-of-life improvements and maintains an approachable and dedicated staff, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

In KiwiSMP’s Oneblock mode, players start on a solitary block and must leverage their Minecraft skills to expand their domain, gather resources, and interact with other community members. This mode is ideal for players who enjoy collaborative play or solo adventurers who relish a challenge. Regular updates and a supportive community keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, making KiwiSMP a standout choice for Oneblock enthusiasts.


Skyblock is synonymous with the Oneblock survival genre, offering a classic and immersive experience that has attracted a loyal following since its inception. The server provides a relatively vanilla experience, which appeals to purists and newcomers alike, enhancing the core gameplay with subtle yet impactful features like an economy system, mob arenas, and custom islands.

Players on Skyblock are tasked with maximizing their survival capabilities starting from a small floating island. As they progress, opportunities to expand their territory, engage with the community, and participate in server events unfold, providing a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience. Focusing on survival and resource management, combined with the community’s creativity and engagement, makes Skyblock an enduring favorite among Minecraft players.

Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

Parkour in Minecraft offers a thrilling and physically challenging gameplay experience that tests players’ agility and precision. Minr and OPBlocks stand out in 2024 among the myriad of servers available, providing exceptional parkour courses within the Minecraft 1.20 universe. These servers cater to both parkour novices and fans, offering a wide range of maps and challenges.


Established over a decade ago, Minr holds the title of one of the oldest and most respected parkour servers in the Minecraft community. Its longevity speaks to its quality and the engaging experience it offers to players. With a vast array of parkour maps ranging from beginner to expert levels, Minr caters to every skill level, ensuring that all players can find a course that matches their abilities.

Minr is renowned for its well-designed, challenging, and diverse parkour courses traverse various themes and landscapes, providing an immersive experience. The server also offers puzzle and maze elements, adding depth to the parkour experience. Players can test their skills in hardcore maps, which provide extra difficulty and prestige. The community aspect of Minr is vibrant, with seasoned players often providing tips and encouragement to newcomers, fostering a supportive environment.


While OPBlocks is celebrated for its multifaceted Minecraft server offerings, including unique modes like Prison and survival, its parkour segment is particularly noteworthy. The server presents an array of parkour maps seamlessly integrated with its other game modes, offering a holistic Minecraft experience. OPBlocks continually updates its parkour challenges, keeping content fresh and engaging.

The parkour experience on OPBlocks is designed to be inclusive, offering a variety of difficulty levels to accommodate all players. Additionally, the server features timed courses and leaderboards, injecting a competitive edge into the parkour gameplay. Community events and challenges are regularly held, allowing players to showcase their skills and earn rewards. The OPBlocks community is active and welcoming, creating a lively atmosphere for competitive and casual parkour fans.

Best Role-Playing Minecraft Servers

Role-playing in Minecraft offers a unique avenue for players to immerse themselves in diverse narratives and characters, shaping their adventures within the game’s expansive world. As of 2024, the servers that have particularly distinguished themselves in the role-playing genre for Minecraft 1.20 are Roleplay Hub and PirateCraft. These servers deliver rich, engaging worlds where storytelling and character development are paramount.

Roleplay Hub

Roleplay Hub is a premier destination for Minecraft players seeking a deep and varied role-playing experience. The server provides distinct game modes that cater to various role-playing preferences, including School Roleplay, which allows players to navigate the intricacies of school life in a Minecraft world, taking on roles such as students, teachers, and other school staff.

Another intriguing aspect of Roleplay Hub is its MazeRunnerRP, inspired by the popular Maze Runner series. In this mode, players must collaborate and employ strategy to survive and unravel the maze’s mysteries, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. The server enforces rules against disruptive behaviors like godmodding, metagaming, and powergaming, ensuring a respectful and immersive role-playing environment for all participants.


For players fascinated by the lore and adventure of the high seas, PirateCraft offers a thrilling pirate-themed role-playing experience. This server allows players to captain their ships, engage in naval battles, and explore the vast, treacherous waters while interacting with other pirates and engaging in the server’s economy.

PirateCraft’s dedication to creating an authentic pirate experience is evident in its attention to detail, with features like ship building and customization, cannon combat, and a player-driven marketplace. Players can join crews, participate in battles to control territories and immerse themselves in a world where strategy, diplomacy, and prowess determine success.


As we’ve navigated through the diverse and vibrant universe of Minecraft 1.20 servers, it’s clear that the game’s community continues to thrive and evolve, offering myriad experiences for every type of player. From the intricate survival challenges of ManaCube and Applecraft to the strategic depths of Purple Prison and AkumaMC, the creative mini-game realms of Netherite, Hypixel, and Complex Gaming, the unique one-block worlds of KiwiSMP and Skyblock, the agile parkour courses of Minr and OPBlocks, to the immersive role-playing adventures in Roleplay Hub and PirateCraft, the best Minecraft servers of 2024 cater to all. Each server offers a unique world teeming with opportunities for exploration, creativity, and connection, ensuring that your Minecraft experience remains fresh, engaging, and endlessly enjoyable.

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