7 Best Minecraft PE Mods 2024

7 best minecraft pe mods

7 Best Minecraft PE Mods 2024

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) continues to captivate with its expansive realms of creativity and adventure, thanks in no small part to a vibrant community of mod developers. As we move into 2024, the landscape of Minecraft PE mods has evolved, offering even more dynamic and engaging gameplay enhancements. From transforming ordinary mobs into formidable mutants to integrating high-tech weaponry and immersive new worlds, these mods redefine what’s possible in the game. Whether you’re looking to spice up your survival experience or add a touch of whimsy with fantastical creatures, this list of the best Minecraft PE mods for 2024 promises to enrich your gaming experience like never before.

1. Mutant Creatures Mod

Best Minecraft PE Mods 2024

The Mutant Creatures mod transforms Minecraft PE by introducing enhanced versions of familiar mobs. Imagine encountering a towering mutant zombie or a spider-like creeper with new, unpredictable behaviours. This mod increases the challenge and adds a thrilling layer of depth to your survival strategies. Installing this mod requires enabling the “Holiday Creator Features,” ensuring these enhanced creatures integrate seamlessly into your game world.

2. ActualGuns 3D

Best Minecraft PE Mods 2024

ActualGuns 3D brings a realistic touch to Minecraft PE with its array of detailed firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and machine guns. Each weapon boasts unique animations and sound effects, enhancing the realism of combat scenarios. This mod also allows players to interact with villagers in new ways, such as purchasing ammunition from Cleric villagers and blending modern warfare with the traditional Minecraft environment.

3. SERP Pokedrock

Dive into the world of Pokémon with the SERP Pokedrock mod, which introduces the beloved creatures into the Minecraft universe. This mod features first-generation Pokémon roaming the Minecraft landscapes, complete with trainers and Pokémon centres. Adding Team Rocket introduces new challenges, making this mod a perfect blend of two iconic worlds for fans of both franchises.

4. Furnicraft

Furnicraft revolutionizes interior design in Minecraft PE by adding over 500 new pieces of furniture, including everything from sofas to musical instruments. This mod enriches your living spaces and introduces new materials like bamboo wood, expanding your creative palette. Players must enable all experimental features in their game settings to ensure all furniture items work correctly.

5. True Survival

Experience a harrowing zombie apocalypse with the True Survival mod. This mod transforms the game environment into a desolate wasteland teeming with hostile creatures and unique challenges. Players must navigate this new world while caring for an immune baby, adding a layer of strategy and emotional depth. Survival hinges on your ability to adapt and manage resources effectively.

6. Morph Plus Add-on

The Morph Plus Add-on offers a unique gameplay twist, allowing players to morph into any mob they defeat. This feature includes 33 different mobs, each with their own specific abilities and weaknesses. To use this mod, players need to enable all experimental features and type “MM” in the chat to activate the morphing mechanism.

7. SCP Foundation

Delve into the mysterious and eerie world of the SCP Foundation. This mod introduces various SCP entities with special powers and heightened health, creating a thrilling and often chilling experience. Players can also access powerful new weapons to defend against these supernatural threats. Proper configuration in the world settings is necessary to ensure the mod functions correctly. It enhances the game’s horror and suspense elements.


Exploring the best Minecraft PE mods of 2024 reveals a vast array of possibilities that can dramatically enhance your gaming experience. These mods promise fresh adventures and challenges, from the terrifying mutations of creatures to the realistic addition of firearms and the immersive worlds of Pokémon and SCP entities. Embrace these enhancements and join the Minecraft community to share your experiences and discoveries!

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