How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

In the vast world of Minecraft, where personalizing your avatar is part of the fun, sporting a cape can elevate your character’s style and distinguish you as a seasoned player. Initially introduced in 2011 for attendees of the MINECON event, Minecraft capes quickly transcended their original status to become coveted symbols of the Minecraft community. Although MINECON ceased in 2016, the allure of capes endures, with Mojang occasionally releasing new designs to enchant players. If you weren’t around to snag a MINECON cape, don’t worry—there are still several ways to adorn your avatar with this prestigious accessory, both with and without mods. Let’s explore How to Get a Cape in Minecraft and strut in style across the blocky landscapes.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Java Edition Without Mods

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Java Edition Without Mods

If you’re a purist who prefers not to use mods in Minecraft, there are still authentic ways to obtain capes in the Java Edition:


Historically, attending MINECON between 2011 and 2016 was a guaranteed way to earn a unique cape. These real-world events required a ticket and physical attendance, making these capes rare and valuable. Although MINECON has evolved into virtual events, keep an eye out for the upcoming Minecraft Festival, which promises exclusive capes for attendees once it’s rescheduled.

Migrator Cape

Players who had purchased Minecraft before December 1, 2020, had a chance to claim a free Migrator cape by migrating their Mojang legacy accounts to Microsoft. The window for this opportunity closed on December 18, 2023, marking the end of an era.

Vanilla Cape

This cape was a gift from Mojang to those who had both Java and Bedrock editions linked to the same account before June 6, 2022. It served as a token of appreciation for players’ continued support.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Without Mods

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Without Mods

Capes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition are more accessible compared to their Java counterparts, thanks to the inclusion of various skin packs. Here are a few ways you can acquire capes in Bedrock Edition without using any mods:

Skin Packs

Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition offers a variety of skin packs that include capes, making them readily available to any player willing to explore different themes. Notable packs include the Adventure Time Mash-Up and Star Wars packs, which provide unique character skins and feature stylish capes that add an extra touch of character to your avatar.

Purchase Options

Unlike the Java Edition, many of the capes available in Bedrock are not tied to event attendance and can be purchased directly from the Minecraft store. This makes it easier for players to customize their look with capes without attending special events or fulfilling specific conditions.

Beta Participation

The Pan Cape is a special reward for players participating in the Minecraft Bedrock Beta. By signing up for and participating in the game’s beta testing, players can gain access to this exclusive cape as a thank you from the developers for helping improve the game.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Java Edition With Mods

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Java Edition With Mods

For players looking to personalize their Minecraft experience further, mods present an excellent opportunity to acquire capes in the Java Edition. Here’s how you can add a cape to your character through modifications:

  • Using Cape Mods: One of the most popular mods for capes is Advanced Capes. This mod allows you to create or choose a custom cape design to display in your game proudly. However, it’s important to note that these capes are only visible to you or others with the same mod installed, as they are not official Minecraft items.
  • OptiFine Capes: OptiFine is arguably one of the most beneficial mods in Minecraft, enhancing game performance and graphics. By donating $10 to the developers of OptiFine, you not only support their work but also receive an OptiFine Cape as a reward. This cape is visible to anyone else using OptiFine, making it a popular choice for players looking to show off their capes across various servers.
  • Installation and Configuration: You must download and install these mods into your Minecraft directory to add them. Ensure you’re familiar with modding and understand the potential risks, such as compatibility issues or game instability. Always download mods from reputable sources to avoid security risks.

How to Equip Capes in Minecraft

How to Equip Capes in Minecraft

Once you’ve obtained a cape in Minecraft, the next step is to showcase it by equipping it with your character. Here’s how you can equip Minecraft capes in both Java and Bedrock editions:

Java Edition:

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher: Start by launching Minecraft and select the Java Edition.
  • Access the Options Menu: From the main menu, navigate to ‘Options’ and select ‘Skin Customization.’
  • Manage Your Minecraft Capes: In the Skin Customization menu, you’ll see options to equip or unequip your cape. You can also toggle between different capes if you have more than one.

Bedrock Edition:

  • Launch the Game: Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Navigate to the Dressing Room: Click on your profile avatar from the main menu to enter the Dressing Room.
  • Select Minecraft Capes: Within the Dressing Room, there is a drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. Select ‘Capes’ from this menu to view all available capes.
  • Customize and Equip: Choose your desired cape and customize its appearance if available. Once satisfy, equip the cape to your character.

Equipping capes in Minecraft is a straightforward process, allowing players to personalize their experience and flaunt their unique style across various multiplayer servers or solo adventures. 

How to Equip Your Cape to Your Elytra in Minecraft

How to Equip Your Cape to Your Elytra in Minecraft

Equipping a cape to your Elytra in Minecraft is a stylish way to customize your appearance while soaring through the skies. The process is simple:

  1. Equip Your Cape: Follow the steps mentioned in the previous section to equip your cape.
  2. Equip Your Elytra: Open your inventory and place your Elytra into the chest armor slot.
  3. Automatic Integration: Once both items are equipped, the Elytra automatically adopts the design of your cape, giving it a unique and personalized look that reflects your cape’s design.

This feature allows players to maintain a cohesive aesthetic, making their flight functional and visually impressive.

Special Capes and Community Contributions

Minecraft capes are sometimes more than just cosmetic items; they can also be badges of honor or recognition within the community:

  • Community Contributions: Mojang has been known to reward community members with custom capes for their contributions or notable achievements within the Minecraft community. For example, a user by the name of u/billyk_ received a cape for suggesting the addition of turtles to the game.
  • Limited Edition Capes: Occasionally, Mojang releases special edition capes for various events or achievements. These capes are highly sought after and are often only available for a limited time.
  • Recognition: Being an active member of the Minecraft forums or participating in community events can increase your chances of receiving a unique cape. Mojang appreciates innovative ideas and active community engagement, which can sometimes lead to direct recognition through the awarding of a cape.


Minecraft Capes are more than just decorative items; they are symbols of accomplishment and community involvement. Whether obtained through attending special events, participating in editions and migrations, or utilizing mods, capes allow players to express their unique style and achievements. Remember, while mods can enhance your experience, some capes, like those awarded for community contributions, carry a special significance recognized across the Minecraft universe. Keep engaging with the community and stay alert to new opportunities to obtain these prestigious accessories.

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