Minecraft Armadillo: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft Armadillo - Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft Armadillo: Everything You Need to Know

The Armadillo, Minecraft’s newest and most adorable mob, has captured the hearts of players worldwide since its introduction following the 2023 Minecraft Live mob vote. Nestled within the game’s latest Snapshot and Betas, this elusive creature offers a unique gameplay experience and valuable loot drops. Whether you aim to breed, tame, or harvest their resources, understanding the nuances of the Minecraft Armadillo is essential. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about locating, breeding, and maximizing the benefits of these charming mobs. Get ready to enhance your Minecraft adventures by mastering the secrets of the Armadillo!

What is Armadillo in Minecraft 1.21?

What is Armadillo in Minecraft 1.21

The Armadillo in Minecraft is a neutral mob that has charmed players with its unique defensive behavior. When feeling threatened—by sprinting players, mounted individuals, or undead mobs like zombies and wither skeletons—it rolls into a defensive ball. This curled posture renders the Armadillo immobile and invulnerable to minor attacks. However, it won’t curl up if it finds itself in water, air, fleeing, or being led, showcasing its responsive behavior to the environment.

The Armadillo remains curled up until it senses no threats for three seconds, after which it will unroll and resume normal activities. Winning the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023, the Armadillo stood out against competitors like the crab and penguin, earning its place in the game through its distinctive and engaging mechanics.

How to Find Minecraft Armadillos

How to Find Minecraft Armadillos

Locating Minecraft Armadillos can be challenging due to their rarity and specific biome preferences. To increase your chances of encountering these elusive mobs, focus your search on the following biomes:

  • Savanna and Savanna Plateau: These are the prime spots where Armadillos typically spawn in groups of two or three. The open landscapes and sparse vegetation make it easier to spot these mobs.
  • Windswept Savanna: Similar to the regular Savanna but with more elevation changes, offering another good location for Armadillo sightings.
  • BadlandsEroded Badlands, and Wooded Badlands: Although Armadillos are less common here, spawning in groups of one or two, the distinct terrains can still yield sightings.

When searching, remember that Armadillos appear more frequently in areas with less obstructed terrain. They can be found roaming during all times of the day. Patience and perseverance are key, as their spawn rates are lower than more common mobs. Equip yourself with a good map or compass to navigate these vast biomes efficiently and maximize your chances of adding some Armadillo encounters to your Minecraft adventures.

Health and Survival of Armadillos in Minecraft

Health and Survival of Armadillos in minecraft

Armadillos in Minecraft are unique in their behaviors and fragile regarding health. Each Armadillo has a total of 12 health points, equivalent to six hearts, making them quite susceptible to damage. This low durability means that players must approach Armadillos carefully, especially when considering their defensive mechanism.

When threatened, Armadillos roll into a ball, a protective state where their hard shell absorbs most minor damages like punches, effectively rendering them immune to weak attacks. This ability is crucial for their survival against common threats but doesn’t make them invincible. Armadillos are still vulnerable to several types of environmental damage:

  • Fall Damage: A fall from 15 blocks or more can be fatal to an Armadillo.
  • Fire and Lava: Like many creatures, Armadillos can be harmed by fire or lava, which pose significant risks during their exploration.
  • Drowning: Being in water too long can also lead to drowning, which Armadillos cannot withstand.

Loot Drops from Armadillos

Loot Drops from Armadillos

One of the main reasons players are eager to find Armadillos in Minecraft is for their valuable loot drops. The primary item dropped by these creatures is the Armadillo Scute, an important material with several uses in the game. Players find these Scutes particularly useful for crafting Wolf Armor, which provides enhanced protection for your loyal canine companions.

To harvest Scutes from Armadillos, you’ll have the best luck by observing them periodically. Armadillos drop Scutes every five to ten minutes in their natural environment. However, a more efficient method to obtain these coveted items is using a brush. Using a brush on an Armadillo accelerates the collection process, allowing you to gather Scutes much faster than waiting for natural drops.

Breeding Minecraft Armadillos

Breeding Armadillos in Minecraft is indeed possible and can be quite beneficial for players looking to secure a steady supply of Armadillo Scutes. To initiate the breeding process, you will need spider eyes, which can be obtained by defeating spiders or from desert pyramid chests and witches. Armadillos are bred similarly to other mobs; however, their use of spider eyes as a breeding item is unique.

To successfully breed Armadillos, find two adult Armadillos in a suitable biome, such as the Savanna. Approach them slowly to avoid triggering their defensive curling behavior. Once they are calm, feed each Armadillo a spider eye. If done correctly, hearts appear above the Armadillos, indicating they are ready to mate. Shortly after, a baby Armadillo will spawn. To accelerate the baby Armadillo’s growth into adulthood, continue feeding it spider eyes.

Can You Tame Armadillos in Minecraft 1.21?

Unlike some of the other mobs in Minecraft, such as wolves or horses, Armadillos cannot be tamed. They remain wild creatures within the game, providing resources rather than companionship or transportation. Although you cannot tame Armadillos, you can manage their presence by enclosing them within a specific area. Creating a designated space for Armadillos can be useful for players looking to farm Scutes regularly.

A secure enclosure is important since Armadillos tend to escape unless properly contained. Use materials that prevent them from climbing or jumping out, and ensure there are no gaps for them to slip through. By effectively managing a group of Armadillos, players can reap the benefits of regular Scute drops without continuously searching for these elusive creatures in the wild.


Exploring the unique features of the Minecraft Armadillo adds exciting dimensions to your gameplay. Whether you’re tracking these elusive creatures across diverse biomes, breeding them for valuable Scutes, or setting up a specialized enclosure to ensure a steady supply of resources, Armadillos offer a range of activities that enrich the Minecraft experience. Remember, while you cannot tame them, understanding their behaviors and habitat can maximize the benefits they bring. Dive into the world of Minecraft with these charming new additions, and harness the possibilities they introduce to your adventures!

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