How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

How to make a bow in Minecraft

How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

The bow in Minecraft is a versatile and valuable ranged weapon, essential for players in both combat and hunting scenarios. It is especially effective in boss battles, where maintaining distance from powerful foes is crucial. Not only can players wield bows, but certain mobs like skeletons also use them, adding a layer of challenge to the game. In this guide, we will explore how to make a bow in Minecraft, its uses, and some tips to maximize its effectiveness.

How to craft a bow in Minecraft

Crafting a bow in Minecraft can be achieved through several methods. Each method varies in its approach and resource requirements:

1. Make a Bow in Minecraft

How to craft a bow in minecraft

Materials Needed: 3 sticks and 3 strings.

Crafting Process:

  • Arrange the sticks and strings in a 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Place the sticks in a ‘J’ shape (one in the top middle, one in the middle left, and one in the bottom middle slots).
  • Place the strings all in the right column of the grid.

Result: This arrangement will yield a bow.

2. Trading with Villagers

Archer Villager (Journeyman Level):

  • You can buy a regular bow for 2 emeralds from a journeyman-level archer villager.

Archer Villager (Expert Level):

  • Enchanted bows are available from expert-level archer villagers for a price range of 7 to 21 emeralds.
  • The enchantments on these bows can vary.

3. Mob Drops

Skeletons and Strays (Zymogors):

  • These mobs have an 8.5% chance of dropping a bow upon death.
  • The drop rate can be increased with the Looting enchantment.

Enchantment Effect:

  • Each level of Looting increases the drop chance by 1%, so with Looting III, the chance would be 11.5%.

Condition of Bows:

  • Bows dropped by mobs are usually damaged and occasionally enchanted.

Use as a weapon and crafting item

Archery requires arrows. Similar to weapons, they can be crafted (you will need 1 flint, 1 stick, and 1 feather), obtained by killing skeletons, or bought from residents. Arrows stuck into blocks can be picked up and reused.

To shoot directly, you need to pull the bowstring using the right mouse button and then release it. The stronger the tension, the longer the arrow flies. The damage also directly depends on the duration of the pull.

Use as a weapon and crafting item

Using a bow is most advisable against mobs that attack from a distance: ghasts, skeletons, creepers, spiders, wither skeletons, and skeleton riders. In a battle against the Endwalkers, the bow is practically useless, since they teleport away from the arrows. Unless you manage to drive the enemy into a corner, thereby depriving him of mobility.

An arrow fired through lava or fire turns into a burning arrow. Unfortunately, this does not affect the damage, but an accurate hit will set mobs on fire. It also does not set blocks on fire or burn objects, but it does activate explosives.

As for crafting, you can get a dispenser using a bow, cobblestone, and red dust.

Use as a weapon and crafting item

Bow Enchantments

Infinity – endless arrows. To use this enchantment, you need at least one arrow in your inventory;

Ignition – arrows set the target on fire and explode TNT;

Knockback – increases the force of arrow knockback;

Strength – increases the speed and damage of fired arrows.

You can also enchant the bow with the “Repair” and “Durability” enchantments. Just keep in mind that Infinity and Repair conflict with each other.

How to repair a bow in Minecraft

How to repair a bow in Minecraft

Repairing a Bow in a Crafting Table

  • Gather Two Damaged Bows: First, ensure you have two damaged bows.
  • Access a Crafting Table: Open your crafting table in the game.
  • Place the Bows: In the crafting grid, place the two damaged bows next to each other. This can be done in any of the crafting slots.
  • Retrieve the Repaired Bow: Once placed, a new bow icon will appear, indicating the bows have been combined into one repaired bow. Click on this to move it into your inventory.

Repairing a Bow Using a Grindstone (Bonus Method)

  • Gather Two Damaged Bows: As with the crafting table method, start with two damaged bows.
  • Find or Craft a Grindstone: Grindstones can be found in villages or crafted using planks, sticks, and a stone slab.
  • Use the Grindstone: Place the two bows in the two input slots of the grindstone.
  • Retrieve the Repaired Bow: The grindstone will combine the bows, repairing them into a single bow. Collect this from the result slot.


In conclusion, learning “How to Make a Bow in Minecraft” is a fundamental skill that significantly enhances your gameplay experience. Whether you’re engaging in intense boss battles, defending against hostile mobs, or simply enjoying some recreational target practice, a well-crafted bow is an invaluable asset.

This guide has provided you with the steps to craft a bow in Minecraft, along with tips to use it effectively. Remember, a bow’s strength lies in its range and versatility, making it a weapon of choice for strategic players. With this knowledge, you are now equipped to craft your own bow and take on the challenges of the Minecraft world with increased confidence and skill.

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