30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC

In the dynamic world of PC gaming, multiplayer games stand as towering beacons of teamwork, strategy, and endless fun. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer seeking new challenges or a newcomer ready to dive into the thrilling universe of online play, our expertly curated list of the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC is your perfect guide.

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

From fast-paced shooters to strategy-rich role-playing games, our selection promises to deliver the most exhilarating and memorable gaming experiences. Get ready to join millions of players worldwide in these top-tier multiplayer adventures that redefine the boundaries of virtual gaming. Let’s embark on this journey and explore the games that have transformed the landscape of PC multiplayer gaming!

List of Top 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC


30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Minecraft, a standout title among the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC, was originally envisioned by its creator, Markus Persson, as a platform for limitless creative freedom. This cubic world has evolved into a true cultural phenomenon, resonating with players worldwide.

A key aspect of Minecraft’s allure is the flexible configuration of game rules on private servers. If you’re drawn more to the art of building than the thrill of survival, you have the option to switch off aggressive creatures and engage in safe, creative endeavors. Alternatively, if you’re up for a challenge, you can set up a hardcore server complete with full roleplaying. The themes are as varied as your imagination, ranging from Stalker to medieval world cosplay.

For those newly venturing into Minecraft’s multiplayer realms, a word of caution: expect the unexpected. Many servers are wild frontiers where your cozy house might one day become a huge crater. But that’s part of the charm and unpredictability that makes Minecraft a must-play game in the realm of the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC. Remember, in the world of Minecraft, life is an adventure waiting to be shaped by your hands.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

This game appeared as a custom modification for Half-Life and has turned into one of the leading eSports disciplines. The gameplay of Counter-Strike is based on the confrontation between two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorist special forces. Teams have asymmetrical, mutually exclusive goals.

For example, terrorists are trying to plant an explosive device on an important facility and destroy it, and special forces are trying to stop them or defuse the bomb if it has already been planted.

Counter-Strike has managed to achieve a good balance between personal skills and teamwork. A professional player is capable of scattering a dozen noobs with just a knife in his hands, but in a battle of equal teams at world-class competitions, any mistake can cost your life.


30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Some similarities between Valorant and CS: GO are noticeable to the naked eye, but the creation of Riot Games has much in common with another team shooter – Overwatch.

It looks like the developers tried to take the best of both games and compile them into a single product. The attempt was successful. You don’t have to pay to play Valorant. Just register and download the game from the official website.

Unlike Counter-Strike, where characters only have visual differences, in Valorant the choice of agent matters. Each hero has his own unique abilities, and the key to victory lies in their proper use and combination.

Overwatch 2

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Overwatch 2 emerges as a prominent contender in the ever-expanding universe of the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC. With the original Overwatch shop closed, the focus shifts to this sequel, which retains the essence of Blizzard’s iconic team-based shooter. It features a roster of unique characters and retains the intense gameplay that fans have come to love. However, Overwatch 2 marks a significant shift. The game transitioned to a free-to-play model, a move that has broadened accessibility at the cost of incorporating donations, and a gameplay redesign aimed at facilitating quicker engagement in the action.

Blizzard’s commitment to immersive storytelling hasn’t waned. The developer not only crafted colorful characters with intriguing abilities but also meticulously developed a rich setting. Each character is given a detailed backstory and connections to others, enhancing the game world’s depth. Additionally, Blizzard released several excellent short films that delve into the heroes’ narratives, further enriching the Overwatch universe.

Gameplay-wise, Overwatch 2 remains a vibrant showdown between two teams of live players. The battles unfold across stunning locations, each offering various modes to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. This careful blend of storytelling, aesthetic appeal, and dynamic gameplay cement Overwatch 2’s status as a must-play title among the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is more of a first-person MMORPG with a cool story campaign, dungeons, and raids. There are upgrades for weapons and equipment, various classes and subclasses, and a PvP mode. There is no PvP in the open world of the game, so if you are one of those who would like to calmly go through the story and not worry about players hiding in the bushes who want you dead, the game is suitable for you.

Destiny 2 takes place in the distant future. The developers have created a very complex and thoughtful setting, combining features of science fiction and fantasy, which goes back to the first part. However, the game will gradually bring you up to date with events. Choose one of three classes: a mighty titan, an agile and fast hunter, or a warlock manipulating Light, and go on an exciting space adventure.

Although you will have to purchase access to the latest additions, you can try the game for free.

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Dota 2

Let’s move on to the next genre – MOBA. Like Counter-Strike, DotA appeared not as a standalone game but as a custom map for Warcraft III, which soon surpassed the original in popularity.

The point of the game is a confrontation between two teams, each of which must destroy the enemy’s base to win. This is not easy to do: on the three available lanes, you will be hindered by enemies, creeps, and towers.

To attack the base, you need to destroy the defenses on at least one of the lines. Doing this instantly is extremely difficult, only if you are not playing against bots or your enemies are very passive and, in general, newbies. So, first, you will have to upgrade your skills by farming creeps on the lanes and in the forest and also buy the necessary items.

By the way, the more enemies you kill, the faster and easier it will be to level up both in skills and gold. Important: die as little as possible yourself and not interfere with your teammates killing enemies if you play as a support, for example, or if you are new to the game.

The number of Dota 2 characters has long exceeded a hundred, but among them, there is not a single hero who could be called an indestructible IMBA. What matters here is in whose hands the character is. The secret to winning in Dota 2 is not only in teamwork but also in the competent tactics and behavior of each teammate.

League of Legends

It is impossible not to mention the main competitor of the previous game. We cannot do without comparing League of Legends with Dota 2, but we will not look for a solution to the debate about which of the two games is better, and we will leave it to you. Both games are worthy of your attention. In Dota 2, the barrier to entry is higher since in the League the roles of players are intuitive, but there are enough nuances.

In Dota, all characters are available for play immediately, while in LoL, there is a weekly rotation of available champions, and the hero you like will have to be purchased for in-game currency.

The basic gameplay is the same for both games. There are lines, bases, creeps, and heroes. The only difference is that the map is different, but not radically. If you go deeper, the set of game mechanics will vary. At least no one stops you from trying both games for free and choosing your favorite.

Starcraft 2

Real-time strategy games were once one of the most popular gaming genres, but in recent years there have been almost no good RTS games in sight. However, in our top of the best multiplayer games we definitely need a worthy representative of this genre. And let it be Starcraft 2.

Starcraft 2 is a strategy game with an asymmetrical balance of three dissimilar races. Organic zerg quickly multiplies and takes the enemy with a quantitative advantage, advanced protoss units have powerful characteristics but are expensive and take a long time to build, and Terrans represents a kind of middle ground between these two races, equally good in both attack and defense.

In addition to ranked single and team battles, Starcraft 2 has co-op missions and many custom maps with interesting mechanics. It is in multiplayer that it reveals itself to the fullest because it is not for nothing that it became an e-sports game.

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GTA V Online

The adventures of the great car thief are known for their strong criminal history, unique missions, and an open world in which you can do all sorts of nasty things. This can be said about any game in the series, but GTA V goes even further and gives players full multiplayer.

Have you ever heard of role-play? There are RP players and servers in various game projects, but it was in GTA V that this gaming activity reached unprecedented popularity. You won’t be able to have fun shooting at passers-by on a role-playing server: the police will quickly arrive at the crime scene and deal with the criminal.

And these will not be police bots but other players who have taken upon themselves the duty to perform this service. On GTA V RP servers, each player comes up with their own job and occupation. You can get a job in the police, lay bricks at a construction site, or go down the criminal path in search of easy money.


Are you looking for a cool survival simulator with multiplayer but don’t want to get used to the voxel graphics of Minecraft? Then try Rust. But let us warn you right away: this is one of the most cruel and merciless survival games for the player. If thirst, hunger, and cold don’t kill you, more experienced players will gladly do so.

You will start your journey literally naked and will try to hide away from the place where it appears. It’s almost impossible to negotiate with other players in Rust, so consider yourself prey.

Gradually, you will evolve from a caveman to a rugged survivalist. The hut made of sticks and leaves will be replaced by an impregnable house with traps and turrets, and the stone in the hands will be replaced by a machine gun. There is room for improvement, but remember that one day you may lose everything, and your house will be dismantled to the very foundation.

Among Us

As in the previous game on our list, Among Us, it is not customary to trust each other, but for completely different reasons. You are the crew of a spaceship on an important rescue mission. But among the honest astronauts, one or more traitors are hiding, whose task is to sabotage the mission. Anyone can turn out to be a traitor, which means you can’t trust anyone.

At its core, Among Us is an interpretation of the famous board game Mafia. Each honest crew member has his own business on deck, performed in the form of simple mini-games. Traitors are forced to take risks by killing crew members because someone else may notice the incident with their own eyes or on cameras. However, they have no choice: if all the mini-games are completed, the crew wins.

As soon as someone discovers the body of the murdered man, the crew gathers for a meeting. A universal vote will decide which of the astronauts is the most suspicious person and will go for “fresh air” (which is not available in space) through the airlock. Of course, no one is immune from mistakes, so if the crew executes an innocent person, the traitors will continue their dirty work. And if they manage to kill everyone, the crew loses.

War Thunder

Our selection continues with a great combat simulator from Gaijin Entertainment. Armored vehicles, aircraft, and navy are available on the battlefields of War Thunder.

All equipment in the game has real prototypes. The development of technology begins at the time of the First World War and ends at the present time. The game focuses on realism with advanced physics and machine behavior. Airplanes are affected by overload, tanks are affected by the type of soil, and ships are affected by the degree of flooding. And these are just the basics. However, there is also an arcade mode with easier controls, markers, and faster gameplay.

The main complaint from users was the stuffy donation. Without pouring money into this free project, it was impossible to upgrade to high levels. It all came to a point where the players revolted, and the developers met them halfway. Now, you can spend time quite comfortably in War Thunder without donating.

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World of Tanks

World of Tanks is the domestic version of World of Tanks. Not long ago, it was one game, but for certain reasons, Wargaming shared the rights with Lesta Games, and thus World of Tanks was born.

It was this game that became the progenitor of the genre of multiplayer games about tanks. The battles here are exclusively ground-based, and the vehicles are represented by distinct classes, just like in an MMO. On any of the many maps, vehicle classes play their role and predominantly occupy positions already memorized.

Unlike War Thunder, the equipment here ranges from tractors from World War I to post-war times. You won’t see modern cars. However, there are a lot of models of equipment, so there is plenty to choose from. To describe the game very briefly, it is a typical shooter but with tanks.

World of Tanks is distributed according to the free-to-play model, but you know the saying about free cheese. Do you want to develop fully in the game and own excellent equipment with a well-pumped crew? Choose how you will pay – money or time.

Payday 2

If your friends are truly reliable and trustworthy, why not do something extraordinary? For example, rob a bank! No, in no case should you break the law and become a robber in real life because, for this, you have Payday 2.

This co-op heist simulator provides an amazing gaming experience. Each character under an ominous clown mask is an expert in his field: a stormtrooper is covered in armor and knows how to neutralize guards, a technician can pick locks and plant explosives, and so on.

Make a plan for the robbery, assign roles, and try to do everything quietly and quickly. The ideal robbery is a robbery that no one notices and not a chase across the city with a shootout. However, if something goes wrong, be prepared to shoot.

Sea of ​​Thieves

If you are interested in battles on ships on the high seas, skirmishes and duels with sharp blades, and searching for hidden treasures in the open world, then your choice is Sea of ​​Thieves.

There are quite a few pirate-themed adventure games, but only Sea of ​​Thieves is simultaneously filled with filibuster romance and crazy drive. Multiplayer plays an important role here since it will be difficult to cope with the ship alone.

You can give your friends the role of helmsman, navigator, gunner, carpenter, and any other. Working together, you can conquer the sea, complete quests, and attack other players.

Black Desert Online

Anyone can play BDO without any restrictions and for free. This is a huge project that combines classic MMO and action RPG elements. The trick of the game lies in the combat system: here, we have a newfangled non-target, and skills are pressed not with numbers or letters but with key combinations.

You will have to use this combat system constantly because you will have to destroy mobs in tens and hundreds of thousands, and there will be no end to this since there is no extremely high level here. Leveling up is endless and depends on sharpening the character’s gear. There are no usual dungeons here, but PvP is present both in locations and in arenas.

There is so much content here that you can live in the game, and new classes are released with enviable regularity. By the way, they are independent here, so you can safely choose the one you like.

It’s also worth mentioning that BDO currently has the most flexible character editor. The graphics are also different. BDO is considered one of the most beautiful MMOs at the moment.

Lost Ark

Another non-standard MMORPG that is confidently gaining popularity all over the world. At first glance, you can confidently say: “This is Diablo online!” and you will be partly right. Lost Ark is an isometric game, but that’s where the similarities to Diablo end. Otherwise, it’s a classic MMO with dungeons, raids, PvP, and events.

After the start, the player is released into a huge world consisting of islands through which you have to travel. At first, the player will be accompanied by a good plot, and then everyone’s favorite content will open.

There are many classes in the game, and each of them can have different gameplay. There are a lot of PvE activities, including naval content, where you will have a personal ship. In some dungeons, you come across really difficult bosses, which are fought by already well-coordinated teams. World bosses also appear in the open world. PvP is represented by arenas.

Unlike BDO, Lost Ark won’t force you to grind for hours. This game is great for both avid MMO fans and those who just want to relax by playing the game for a couple of hours. Online is stable, updates are released regularly, and events are constantly taking place. The game is also completely free.


Another popular online game is battle royale. Fortnite is one of the most striking examples of this genre and still holds the bar high. The game is incredibly popular all over the world and is constantly evolving. Anyone can try it without investing their hard-earned money.

Don’t rush to say that Fortnite is for schoolchildren. Yes, the game is cartoonish, and there is not a drop of seriousness in it, but it can drag on even a simple hard worker whose children already play this very Fortnite. The good thing about the game is that you don’t need to level up or learn anything.

The essence of the game is simple: you and a hundred other players are thrown onto a large island. You choose the landing zone yourself, and then there is only one goal – to survive. Weapons and vehicles are scattered around the map; there are caches and stores with equipment. To prevent players from sitting in one place, the combat zone is narrowed so that it will not be possible to win back the stone. The one who survives everyone will be the king of the battle.

Fortnite has very dynamic gameplay. The environment is built in such a way that many objects speed you up and allow you to jump high or take cover. For all fans of pure shooters, an update has been released in which there is no construction mode. This decision attracted thousands of gamers to the game, so now you can just shoot from the heart and not have to build a cottage during the battle.


DayZ is a unique project that still has no worthy analog. If you want to plunge into a harsh survival game with live players, then this is definitely the place for you.

This is an online shooter with an emphasis on survival and social component. Communication and interaction with players are paramount here since it will be incredibly difficult to survive alone. The setting is a fictional region from the CIS countries with familiar panels and villages. All these dear spaces are teeming with zombies with whom you will have to live next to each other.

But it’s not zombies that will be the main threat here, but other gamers. The player must drink, eat, and rest. You can get sick or infected, and the wound system is believable, just like in the Arma series. All this forces us to conserve supplies and constantly be in search of food and medicine.

Anyone you meet along the way can kill you for loot, but there are also those who will accept you into their virtual family. Sometimes survivors unite into entire settlements, where everyone plays their role.

DayZ is a challenging game that requires not only gaming skills but also communication skills. It’s hard to get into, but if you enjoy it, you’ll be hooked on this game.

Battlefield series

Let’s finish with the top titan of multiplayer entertainment. The Battlefield series still holds the bar of quality, despite its scandalous failures. At least Battlefield 2042 is alive, and disappointed fans are returning to the updated game, which is a good sign.

It was never possible to create a suitable analog of BF. The secret of success is simple: a choice of settings to suit every taste, huge maps with a large number of players, dynamic epic battles using various equipment, and enjoyable gameplay.

Games in this series are perfect for those who do not want to become an eSports player. In BF, you can enjoy the gameplay without memorizing tactics and timings. However, there is also a place for tough fans of tactics: a well-coordinated squad here can influence the entire course of the battle.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Call of Duty: Warzone 2, a revolutionary update in the legendary Warzone series, stands out as a pivotal entry in the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC. This game alters the familiar rules of the Battle Royale genre in a compelling way. If a team loses a player, Warzone 2 introduces the unique ability to replenish ranks directly on the battlefield by recruiting a player who, until moments ago, was an enemy. This innovative feature not only gives surviving soldiers a fighting chance but also injects additional dynamism into the battles.

The developers behind Call of Duty are not resting on their laurels. They are actively exploring new avenues for enhancing player socialization within the game. This focus, combined with the franchise’s hallmark action-packed gameplay, elevates Call of Duty: Warzone 2 as a top contender in its genre and secures its position among the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC. This title is not just about skillful combat; it’s about strategy, adaptability, and forging unexpected alliances in the heat of battle.

Left 4 Dead 2

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Despite its considerable age, this game still has thousands of people online on Steam and has not lost its charm. Of course, there are dynamic battles for four players, well-developed levels, and a variety of weapons and monsters.

The main feature of L4D2 is a stunningly executed AI called The Director. AI monitors the actions of players and creates conditions according to their style of play. Thanks to this, each race against zombies is unique. L4D2 has two well-developed modes – people against people or AI.

Apex Legends

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Apex Legends, consistently ranking in the top 10 online games on Steam, is a standout title in the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC. This game distinguishes itself from classic battle royales by introducing a unique gameplay element: the outcome depends not only on the weapons players find but also on the unique skills of their chosen characters. These skills vary significantly between characters and are designed to complement each other effectively, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

This blend of strategic character selection and traditional battle royale elements makes Apex Legends a compelling choice for players seeking a multiplayer experience that goes beyond mere gunplay. It’s a testament to the game’s enduring popularity and innovation, ensuring its place among the elite in the competitive world of PC multiplayer gaming.

Mortal Kombat 1

The reboot of Mortal Kombat 1 this fall marks a thrilling resurgence in the 30 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC. This legendary franchise, known for its fierce battles and iconic characters, continues to captivate players with a blend of nostalgia and innovation. Fans of the series will be delighted to re-engage with characters that have become true classics in the fighting game genre. Additionally, the reboot introduces new heroes, including exciting crossovers from other game universes, adding fresh dynamics to the beloved Mortal Kombat universe.

This reinvention of Mortal Kombat 1 maintains the essence of its predecessors while embracing modern gaming trends, ensuring its place among the top multiplayer experiences available on PC. The game’s legacy and its continued evolution exemplify why it remains a must-play title for fans of competitive gaming.

Fall Guys

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Crazy in its colorful fun variation on the theme of “The Hunger Games”. By creating your hero and customizing him with funny accessories, the player will have to become the best in the arena.

A variety of levels offer unique challenges that will test your reaction, memory, resourcefulness, and tactical thinking. Some areas will even split players into teams, but don’t be fooled. At the end of any round in Fall Guys, only one will be left standing.

Party Animals

A new addition to the Fall Guys-like genre of party games. Party Animals took into account the experience of its predecessors and carved out its own niche, paying special attention to gameplay details. The start was not perfect, but the game has huge potential. Competitions in Party Animals can bring a lot of positive emotions.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six” is preparing to present a new season this November. Ubisoft’s tactical shooter is still relevant. And it’s not surprising because the developers are constantly striving to add new heroes and refresh the gameplay. Ubisoft’s “Siege is here to stay” approach aims to keep players interested in returning to Siege again and again.

Hunt: Showdown

A game from the creators of the original Far Cry and the Crysis series. This alone is enough to join the ranks of the glorious monster hunters in the setting of the late 19th century. Hunt: Showdown combines both PvE and PvP elements, making for a truly atmospheric adventure in the Louisiana swamps.

Rocket League

30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

Another gaming industry veteran with extensive developer support. Initially, this game was positioned as football with cars. But later the developers added a “Hoops” mode to simulate basketball and a “Snowy Day” mode, in which the field was replaced with an ice-skating rink and a puck was added.

Rocket League is not only competitive but also a lot of fun. There are a lot of additional options here – changing the physics of the ball, negative buffs on opponents’ cars, and much more. Therefore, even players far from sports will find something of their own here.


30 Best Multiplayer Game to Play on PC

THE FINALS, currently in development, has become the number one most wish-listed title on Steam. And this is not surprising. Although this is Embark Studios’ debut game, its founder Patrick Soderlund was a former vice president of Electronic Arts. And more importantly for THE FINALS – the head of the studio that created Battlefield. The game received positive reviews during the open beta test, which only fueled public interest.

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