How to Create a Snow Golem in Minecraft

How to create a snowman in Minecraft

How to Create a Snow Golem in Minecraft

The Snowman in Minecraft is a friendly snow golem that attacks aggressive mobs with snowballs. And it’s not difficult to assemble, making it a useful companion. In this guide, you will learn how to create a snow golem in Minecraft and how it can be useful.

How to Create a Snow Golem in Minecraft

Creating a snow golem in Minecraft is a fun and straightforward process. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it:

  1. Gather Materials: To create a snow golem in Minecraft, you need to gather the necessary materials. You’ll need two blocks of snow and one carved pumpkin or a Jack-o’-lantern. Snow blocks can be crafted from snowballs, which are collected by using a shovel on snow. To carve a pumpkin, simply place a pumpkin on the ground and use shears on it.
  2. Crafting Snow Blocks: If you don’t have snowblocks, you can make them. Each snow block requires four snowballs, so you’ll need a total of eight snowballs. Open your crafting table, place four snowballs in a square in the crafting grid, and you’ll get a snow block. Repeat this process to get the second snow block.
  3. Find a Suitable Location: Choose a spot where you want your snow golem to appear. Snow golems can be created in any biome, but remember, they take damage in hot biomes like deserts or the Nether.
  4. Placing the Blocks: Now, it’s time to build your golem. Start by placing one snow block on the ground. Then, stack the second snow block on top of the first one. You should now have a two-block-high tower of snow.
  5. Adding the Pumpkin: The final step is to place the carved pumpkin or Jack-o’-lantern on top of the upper snow block. This is crucial because the pumpkin must be the last block placed. If you place it before stacking the snow blocks, the snow golem will not be created.
  6. Creating the Snow Golem: As soon as you place the pumpkin on the top, the blocks will transform into snow golem. It will come to life and start moving around.
  7. Snow Golem Behavior: Snow golems leave a trail of snow in snowy, cold biomes and will throw snowballs at hostile mobs, making them useful for defense. However, they are fragile and can be killed easily, especially by skeletons.
  8. Cautions: Be aware that snow golems can accidentally agitate neutral mobs like Endermen or wolves if they hit them with snowballs. Also, they can’t survive in hot biomes or during rain as they take damage from water.

Snow Golem Behavior in Minecraft

The Snow Golem throws snowballs at all aggressive mobs and some neutral ones. In most cases, snowmen attract enemy mobs. They do not follow the player as they are friendly to him.

In the desert, savannah, nether, and jungle, the snowman will melt instantly. It also takes water damage and spreads when it rains.

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How to use a snowman in Minecraft

Although the Snow Golem does not deal damage to enemies, it has several useful uses.

The Snow Golem attracts aggressive mobs, so it can be used as bait. To prevent the snowman from falling into a trap, you can enclose it with a fence.

The snow golem can also become an “automatic turret” at your base. Place the snowman in the trolley to get a “mobile turret.” Such protection can save you from zombies and spiders. But it will be useless against skeletons and creepers.

Do Snow Golems Despawn in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Snow golems are a unique entity that do not naturally despawn. However, they can be susceptible to certain glitches and circumstances that lead to their untimely demise. One such glitch involves snow golems accidentally walking into a block, which can cause them to suffocate and die. Additionally, although it might appear that a snow golem has vanished without a trace, it’s possible they were actually defeated by an enemy that later despawned itself. This scenario is especially plausible if the snow golem was confined in an area where monsters could potentially attack through corners. The presence of snowballs on the ground where the snow golem once stood is a telltale sign of such an encounter.


Creating a snow golem in Minecraft is an engaging and simple activity that adds a playful element to your game. By collecting just two snowblocks and a carved pumpkin or Jack-o’-lantern, you can bring a friendly snow golem to life. Whether it’s for defense by throwing snowballs at hostile mobs or simply for the joy of having a charming snowman companion in your Minecraft world, this creation enhances your gameplay experience.

However, it’s important to be mindful of their fragility and environmental limitations. Whether used as a guardian or a delightful addition to your snowy biome, snow golems embody the creative and whimsical spirit of Minecraft, allowing players to bring a bit of winter magic into their virtual realm.

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