How to Make a Fireplace in Minecraft

How to make a fireplace in Minecraft

How to Make a Fireplace in Minecraft

It’s getting colder outside, and you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket, sit in a chair, and watch the fire burn in the fireplace for a hundred hours. There are a lot of ways to keep warm and make your home cozy, and even in Minecraft, you can arrange your base as you want. Now, we will learn how to make a fireplace in Minecraft, look at several of their types, and together we will create a cozy corner in the cubic world of the game.

Fireplace in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a fireplace serves several practical and aesthetic purposes that enhance gameplay:

  1. Light Source: A fireplace in Minecraft emits a light level of 15, which is among the brightest in the game. This makes it an effective means to illuminate your space, warding off hostile mobs that spawn in darkness.
  2. Melting Snow: The heat from a fireplace can melt snow within a radius of three blocks. This feature is particularly useful in snowy biomes or during snowfall, helping to clear areas around your dwelling or any specific structure.
  3. Cooking Tool: A fireplace can be used to cook raw materials. While it might not be as efficient as a furnace, it adds a rustic and immersive touch to the cooking process in the game.
  4. Navigation Aid: One of the most unique and important uses of a fireplace in Minecraft is as a signal for navigation. The smoke from a campfire ascends about ten blocks high, creating a visible marker that can help players find their way back to a specific location, such as their home base. This is especially helpful in vast or complex landscapes where it’s easy to lose one’s way.

how to make a fireplace in Minecraft

You can use simple fires as fire for the fireplace (we will use them in the guide), or build a structure with a dispenser and use flint. But the best way to light a fire in your fireplace is with a hellstone.

make a fireplace in Minecraft

If you have been to the lower world, you have probably noticed that the fire there burns on its own and does not go out. It’s all about the hellish stone. Bring a couple of blocks with you and set them on fire.

But be careful! Fire spreads very quickly and can easily burn down your home and all surrounding structures. If you are going to light a fireplace this way, line the area around it with stone blocks to avoid accidentally burning a wall or the entire house.

Types of fireplaces in Minecraft

What kind of fireplace you will build in Minecraft depends on your imagination and the overall design of the house. If you have a small house, then it will be best for you to build a small structure in the corner. If you have free space near a wide wall, build an improved wide fireplace. And if you decide to make a modern home in a high-tech style, then your choice is a minimalist hidden fireplace.

Types of fireplaces in Minecraft


Such a fireplace in Minecraft can be placed in a corner or along a short wall. It will not take up much space and will create a pleasant atmosphere in the house. To build such a fireplace in Minecraft, you will need stone steps, blocks, and half-blocks. 

If you are building a fireplace in a corner, then the procedure is as follows:

  • Place a stone block in the corner;
  • Cover it in a circle with steps
  • Place a fire on the corner block;
  • Place stone steps above the fire in the shape of the fireplace;
  • Take the “pipe” to the roof.

You can also cover the fire with glass panels. Or leave it as is to use it for cooking if you have a fire.

You can build a fireplace from half blocks near the wall:

  • Place half blocks on the floor, leaving a free cage for the fire;
  • Place the fire in the empty cage on the floor;
  • Place another half-block on each side of the fire (you can add a glass block on top);
  • Use steps and blocks to create the fireplace top and chimney.


When you have enough space in your home, you can build a large fireplace in Minecraft and decorate it with paintings, vines, or even flower pots. Let’s consider one of the options. For it, we will need half blocks, steps, and blocks. A fireplace made of brick blocks will look beautiful.

  • Replace part of the wall with brick blocks laid out 4×3;
  • Leave room for 2 fires and line the space around with half blocks;
  • Place fires in free cells;
  • Install steps on the sides, turning them so that they look at each other;
  • Stepping back one block from the top, lay down the blocks for the top of the fireplace;
  • Build a decorative pipe;
  • Optionally install glass panels on the side


This type of fireplace in Minecraft is the easiest to build because it should fit into the minimalist interior of the house. You can change it to suit you, but we will consider an option that is 5 blocks wide.

  • Make an opening 3 blocks wide in the wall and place blocks of the material used down;
  • Place 5 blocks along the wall in front and behind the opening;
  • Place 3 fires in the center of the resulting structure so that they are between the walls;
  • Install glass panels of any color on the lower blocks inside the house;
  • Lay a layer of blocks on top of the glass panels and build them up to the ceiling without blocking the niche with the fires;
  • On the street side, completely build up the wall, covering the niche with the fires.

You can decorate such a fire using colorful signs or colored blocks.


In conclusion, mastering the art of building a fireplace in Minecraft can significantly enhance the ambiance of your virtual space, making it feel more like a home. With the steps outlined in this guide, you now possess the knowledge to create a cozy, welcoming fireplace that not only serves as a decorative element but also adds warmth to your Minecraft abode.

Remember, while fireplaces are a beautiful addition, it’s important to handle fire in the game with care to prevent any unintended mishaps. For more insightful tips and creative ideas, be sure to explore our other game guides. Keep experimenting and enjoy the process of making your Minecraft world uniquely yours with “How to Make a Fireplace in Minecraft.

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