How to Build a Skyscraper in Minecraft

How to Build a Skyscraper in Minecraft

How to Build a Skyscraper in Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing game where you can build almost anything. After practicing on farms and houses, you can aim at something grandiose, namely skyscraper in Minecraft. This guide contains all the most useful tips for constructing these huge buildings in Minecraft.

Layout of the future skyscraper in Minecraft

How to Build a Skyscraper in Minecraft

Before construction begins, it is necessary to work out a plan for the future building. You should calculate in advance the basic parameters of a skyscraper, such as height, length and width, number of floors, presence of windows, location of stairs, and elevator shafts. All this will minimize the number of rework and allow you to calculate the required amount of resources.

Choosing a site for construction

How to Build a Skyscraper in Minecraft

Next, you should choose a suitable location. The following points should be taken into account: 

  • It is easier to build on a flat plain, and visibility and visibility will be greater. But the skyscraper on the hill looks more original;
  • Make sure that the allocated area is large enough to accommodate such a huge building;
  • If no mods are used during construction, then choose a place near the necessary resources: ore, wood, and other blocks.


The first step is to lay the foundation of the future skyscraper in Minecraft. It must be wide enough and stable, and stone and brick are best suited for this. 

Construction of walls and floors

How to Build a Skyscraper in Minecraft

After the foundation, you can move on to the walls and floors. This is the most important stage in the construction of a skyscraper since it is here that it is decided what the building will be like. At this point, it is important to remember a few things.

  • Decide what the height of one floor will be. By default, it is equal to four blocks, but nothing prevents you from making it higher or lower.
  • To separate the floors, add a horizontal strip of blocks of a different color or material. 
  • Also, do not forget to leave space for doorways, windows, and stairs. 

Facade decoration

Finishing a façade is an incredibly creative process. So feel free to experiment with different materials and blocks to get a unique texture. By combining conventional blocks of stone, brick, quartz, and glass, you can get a beautiful pattern or design. 

Feel free to use various decorative elements, such as stained glass windows, balconies, windows of different shapes and sizes, verandas, etc. All this will not only increase realism but will also emphasize the uniqueness of the building and make it stand out from other skyscraper in Minecraft.

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Skyscraper roof

The roof of a skyscraper can be anything: flat, pitched, or even a dome. However, nothing prevents you from installing a restaurant there and decorating everything with lighting and garlands.  

Interior decoration

Once the outer frame is complete, the rooms need to be designed and finished. The internal layout depends entirely on the wishes of the player himself. Therefore, you can place anything there, from residential and office premises to shops and recreation areas. 

All that remains is to build walls from certain blocks, install stairs, escalators, and elevators, install lighting, and furnish everything with furniture, decorative elements, and other accessories. 

Stairs and elevators

Elevators and stairs are needed to conveniently move between floors in a skyscraper. 

  • Stairs can be built not only from ordinary blocks but also from fences, half-blocks, or carpets.
  • To create elevators, you can use a combination of pistons and pulleys that rise and fall.

The main thing: do not forget about safety. Always install guardrails or glass panels around the elevator shaft, which will help prevent the player from falling and protect against mobs.

Fire system

To ensure safety in a skyscraper, you can install fire alarms and motion sensors, which are triggered when a fire appears and activate an extinguishing system made of various blocks with water.

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