Minecraft Slug Guide

Minecraft Slug

Minecraft Slug Guide

Minecraft Slug is not the most pleasant type of mob in Minecraft. However, it has plenty of areas of application. They are an important part of Redstone’s mechanics, and they can also be eaten. This is a hostile cubic translucent jelly. There are three sizes in total – large, medium, and small.

The reproduction of these mobs works using the worm method. If you cut a large Minecraft slug with a shovel, it will disintegrate into smaller slugs, the medium slugs will disintegrate into babies, and after the babies die, mucus drops.

Slime is a round item needed to craft sticky pistons, a slime block, and other things useful in the game. A good thing, but the slugs themselves can be difficult to find. But that’s why we’re here to tell you where to find slugs in Minecraft and how to breed them in the Farm Frenzy style.

Where to find Minecraft slug


Minecraft Slug

A popular habitat for green creatures is the swampy biome. It goes as a continuation of the forest or separately in the lowlands of the square world. If you come across a spacious cave, then you can also find a super jelly there.

The swamp can be recognized by its low, dark green trees, many bodies of water, and wide-open spaces. It all depends on your luck and how quickly you can find it. If you are in single-player, then to quickly find the swamp, use the command:

/locatebiome minecraft:swamp

Minecraft Slug

The next step to finding Minecraft slug is to wait until nightfall. It is worth noting that mobs will not appear on a full moon. While there is time, you can find a large space. This will make it more likely that mobs will spawn. They like to do this at an altitude between 50 and 70. To find out exactly what altitude you are at, press the “F3” key and find the Y coordinate. The number should be between these two values.

Minecraft Slug

When darkness falls, you can begin exploring the swamp. You can start from dark places under trees or pay attention to flat areas of the terrain.


The second way to find Minecraft slug is in caves. This is where we’ll need to dig. Yes, so deep that the cave was from 0 to 40 height levels. You already know how to check the height.


The cave method also does not provide a 100% guarantee that you will find Minecraft slug. After all, they spawn in about 10% of all chunks. Finding the right one can take forever, so Minecraft fans have already come up with a workaround.

There is a special website that shows chunks, which you can dig up to spawn slugs for yourself. Enter the seed, coordinates, and voila! You can try to dig up the chunk and pull out the slug.

How to breed Slug in Minecraft

Using the knowledge gained, you can breed Minecraft slug, but not for money, but for fertile offspring. To do this, we look for the required chunk and dig a cave of the required depth and area of ​​50x50x3. A height of three blocks is needed to spawn large slugs.

Next, you will need lighting. This will save creepers, zombies, and other lovers of the occult arts from spawning.

Once slugs appear in your cave, you have three options:

  • to forcefully reproduce them by division;
  • kill small ones to get mucus;
  • wait for new individuals to spawn.

Now you know all the information about slugs in Minecraft. For fun, you can take up farming and build a whole slimy slug monopoly. Especially taking into account the information that we have written down, it will not be so difficult.


The guide provides a comprehensive overview of slugs in Minecraft, highlighting their importance in the game’s mechanics and as a resource. Slugs, found in swamps and mines, play a key role in crafting various items like sticky pistons and slime blocks. The post details methods for locating and breeding these mobs, emphasizing the need for specific biomes, altitudes, and conditions for their spawn.

For efficient farming, it suggests creating a designated area with controlled lighting to facilitate the spawning and harvesting of slugs. This knowledge not only aids in resource gathering but also opens the possibility of establishing a lucrative slime farming venture in Minecraft. With these insights, players can navigate the world of Minecraft more effectively, turning slugs from a mere nuisance to a valuable asset.

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