How to tame a camel in Minecraft

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

Embarking on a desert adventure in Minecraft just got more exciting with the introduction of camels in version 1.20. These majestic creatures not only enhance the game’s dynamic but also offer unique advantages for players. In this guide, we delve into the captivating world of Minecraft’s newest addition, exploring how to tame a camel in Minecraft.

Whether you’re traversing vast deserts or seeking a novel mode of transport, camels are your ideal companions. With their ability to carry two players and navigate challenging terrain, they’re a valuable asset in your Minecraft journey. Read on to discover the simple yet rewarding process of taming and riding these splendid desert dwellers in Minecraft.

Features of a camel

Camels in Minecraft are passive mobs and do not pose a threat to the player. On the contrary, they can be useful when traveling. If you tame a camel and put a saddle on its hump, you can ride the animal. Before version 1.20, the mounts were horses, donkeys, mules, striders, and pigs. The latter have a very low speed of movement, and without bait in the form of a fishing rod with a carrot, they will not take you anywhere.

Comparison with other mounts

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

Like other tameable creatures, yellow humpbacks can be led along with a leash and tied to a fence. Unlike horses, you can mount a camel right away, it will not throw you off, but you will still need a saddle.

The Double Hump is taller than other mounts, but has only one inventory slot – for a saddle. His large height gives him an advantage when walking; he can step over a fence.

The dimensions do not prevent the furry one from fitting neatly on one block and help the player avoid being hit by zombies and cadavers because they cannot reach it. It won’t save you from skeletons; bony guys still get hit by arrows.


One desert mount can accommodate up to two players, just like a boat. The animal is slower than a horse and a donkey; it is better not to take them on a long journey.

Camels can sprint forward, covering several blocks in a short time. But the ability has a cooldown of about 3 seconds, and if the animal gets stuck in blocks, it will take longer to recover.

Where to find a camel in Minecraft

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

Hunchbacks live in sandy villages that generate in the desert biome. Only one individual will spawn. This makes camels almost the rarest mobs in the game.

They have a calm and even lazy lifestyle; they do not look for trouble but, on the contrary, try to avoid it. Most often, you can find a camel walking aimlessly around the village or lying on the sand. They don’t “loaf” for long, 6–7 seconds, after which they get up and continue to walk.

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

How to tame a camel in Minecraft

Taming a camel in Minecraft is easier than making friends after 25 years. Humpbacks don’t need your money, time, or emotional support: a saddle and a cactus are enough for them.

Find a desert settlement. Go to the camel and sit on it. The animal will not throw the player, but it will not be possible to control it “on its naked body.” Get down to the ground and put the saddle on the mob. That’s all you need to do to tame it.

PlatformAction and keys
PCSit down – right mouse button; Get off – Shift.
XboxSit down – LT; Get off – LS.
PlayStation•             Sit down – L2; •             Get off – L3.


Breeding camels is a labor-intensive process at the very beginning because you will have to bring a second individual from the new village for mating. In order for the animal to follow the player, you need to put a leash around its neck or hold a cactus in your hand. Of course, you can saddle up a desert horse to look for a couple.

You can speed up the process: switch to creative mode using hotkeys in Minecraft and get the “Camel Summon Egg.”

Once you have two animals, feed them the cactus. An animation with red hearts will appear above the mobs, and after a second, a little camel will appear.


In conclusion, learning how to tame a camel in Minecraft offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players looking to explore the game’s vast deserts. These gentle giants, introduced in version 1.20, add a touch of exotic flair and provide practical benefits, such as the ability to carry two players and overcome obstacles with ease. Taming them is straightforward, requiring just a saddle and a little patience.

Breeding them might take a bit more effort, but it’s a rewarding process that adds another layer of engagement to the game. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer, the addition of camels is sure to enrich your adventures. So grab a saddle, find a desert settlement, and embark on a new journey with these majestic creatures.

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