How to open a chat in Minecraft

How to open a chat in Minecraft

How to open a chat in Minecraft

Any communication in the game is important. Regular or voice chat makes life easier if you play in co-op with friends or random players on servers. But in the Minecraft chat, you can write messages, communicate, send commands, highlight information with text, and much more.

In this article, we will figure out how to enable chat in Minecraft, what commands you can write in it, and what features you can find in it.

How to open a chat 

Start over. If you want to learn how to open a chat in Minecraft on a computer, this section is for you. To open it just for communication, click on the button with the letter “T” in the English layout. A chat window will open in which you can write messages.

How to open a chat in Minecraft

If you want to enter a command, immediately press the button with a slash (the “/” symbol; the button will also contain the symbols “?” “.” and “,”). In this case, the chat will open with / entered, and you will only have to add the command.

What can you do in chat?

First of all, use it for its intended purpose. Communicate with players, see information about their actions, and all that. The chat will also convey information that someone has died. In this case, you will receive a message consisting of three parts: (player nickname) (type of death) (cause of death). For example, the Player drowned to escape Zombie – the Player drowned while running away from a Zombie.

You can also enter console commands in the chat, for example, to change the time from day to night.

Important! Commands can only be entered in English.

For example, /give or /kill. If you play alone, you can enter commands at any time. But with servers, it’s a little more complicated.

How to enter commands on the server

In order for players to use chat commands, they need to be registered in the PermissionsEX plugin. It is a kind of document that gives players rights on the server (administrator, creator, player, and so on). But even without this, all players, by default, have several commands that they can use:

  • /ignore <player_nick> – hides messages from the selected player in the chat.
  • /me – Highlights messages from you in purple.
  • /m <player_nick> – sends a personal message to the player, which is not visible in the general chat.
  • /spawn – teleportation to the spawn point.

Administrator Commands

The server administrator has advanced rights and can not only change the time on the server but also distribute bans to players, kick them out of the server, and set rules.

The most popular commands for the administrator:

  • /difficulty <0|1|2|3> – sets the world difficulty for the entire server. 0 is the easiest, and 3 is the most difficult.
  • /time set <date|day/night> – time change. day – day, night – night, 0 – dawn, 6000 – day, 12000 – sunset, 18000 – night.
  • /toggledownfall – Enables/Disables precipitation. If there was sun, it started to rain, and vice versa.
  • /ban <player_nick> [ reason ] – issues a ban to the player.
  • /kick <player_nick> – kicks a player from the server.
  • /pardon <player_nick> – removes the ban.
  • /mute <player_nick> – mutes the player.

Colored symbols

You can also highlight your messages in the chat with color. To do this, you need to enter a special set of characters before the main text without a space. For example, to write “Hello” in blue, you would type “&9Hello.” 

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Here are all the color codes:

  • &0 — Black
  • &1  – Dark blue
  • &2  – Dark green
  • &3  – Dark blue
  • &4 – Dark red
  • &5 – Dark Purple
  • &6  – Dark yellow
  • &7 – Gray
  • &8 – Dark gray
  • &9 – Blue
  • &a — Green
  • &b  — Blue
  • &c  – Red
  • &d  — Pink
  • &e  — Yellow
  • &f  — White
  • &g – Gold

Now you know how to open a chat in Minecraft and what you can do with it. Read our other articles and learn more interesting things about your favorite game.

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